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Even the Wicked (Matthew Scudder #13) - Lawrence Block A vigilante calling himself The Will of the People is killing undesirables and gloating about it in the Daily News and Matthew Scudder is one the case. But what, if anything, do these killings have to do with man afflicted with AIDs being gunned down in broad daylight?

Block lead me around by my nose through most of this one. It took me forever to figure out what was going on with Will and what was behind Byron Leopold's murder. I liked how TJ kept trying to drag Matt into the computer age. As in most of his cases, Matt struggled with ethical dilemmas.

Matthew Scudder and the supporting cast continue to grow as characters. Matt quits seeing his mistress, the bond between Matt and TJ continues to grow, coming to a point at the end that I saw coming books ago. Hard Way Ray makes strides as one of Scudder's supporting cast and the ever put-upon Joe Durkin makes a welcome appearance as well.

If you've stuck with Lawrence Block and Matthew Scudder this far, you'll want to devour this one like the rest of them.