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Zoe's Tale - John Scalzi Zoe Boutin-Perry, teenage colonist and idol to the Obin race, gets stranded on Roanoke along with her parents, John Perry and Jane Sagan. While the Roanoke Colony survive with the Conclave breathing down its neck?

Zoe's Tale is a retelling of the previous John Scalzi book, The Last Colony, from Zoe's point of view. Instead of being a pointless rehash, Zoe's Tale ends up being an emotional tale and completely worth the effort.

Re-telling The Last Colony from Zoe's point of view served multiple purposes. It fleshed out some bits of the Last Colony that weren't very clear, like why the werewolves stopped attacking the colony and where the sapper field came from. The society of the Obin and their relationship to the Consu was expanded. It also gave us an insight to the lives of Zoe and her friends.

Zoe's telling of the events was hilarious, as funny as Abby Normal narrating Christopher Moore's Bite Me without being so distracting. The Scalz did a good job of recreating teenage relationships and the relationship between Zoe and her Obin protectors nearly yanked a tear from my manly tear ducts.

Any complaints? Not really. Zoe's Tale was quite an enjoyable read. I loved the additional scenes with General Gau and the interplay between Zoe and her friends and family. Once again, Scalzi has me wrapped around his little finger.