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Genghis: Lords of the Bow - Conn Iggulden Genghis Khan continues uniting the Mongol tribes and takes them across the Gobi Desert into the lands of the Chin. The Khan's forces sack village after village, until setting their sights on Yenking. Can even the vast horde break an impregnable fortress-city?

Lords of the Bow picks up a couple years after Birth of an Empire left off. While the story wasn't as gripping as Birth of an Empire, it was still good. The most interesting aspects were the ways Genghis inspired confidence in his men. It wouldn't take much for me to leave cube land and ride with the Khan.

Genghis's relationship with his family was well done, particularly with Jochi, whose parentage is in doubt. The way he interacts with his brothers humanizes him a bit and makes him more than a cold military leader. He's even funny at times, afraid of his two wives becoming closer. The budding hatred between Joshi and Chagatai sets up elements in the next book.

Iggulden makes the siege of Yenking and the battle of Badger Mouth pass sweaty-palmed page turners. I'm hoping the third and final book has its share of epic battles.

A lot of people complain that Iggulden plays fast and loose with the facts. I scoff at that notion. The differences are where the fiction part of historical fiction comes into play. If you want history, read a history book.

If you read Birth of an Empire, you won't want to pass this one up.