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Longarm and the Tenderfoot - Tabor Evans I thought I'd review one of these Longarm westerns as a service to other Goodreads members who've seen them around and wondered what precisely they were. I got tricked into reading one when the used bookstore owner dared me to try one.

In a fistful of words, these are smut with a flimsy story and some violence wrapped around it. Longarm is a marshal that'll fornicate with anything that has an available orifice and doesn't fight too hard. I almost gagged when he serviced a 60 year old well-worn hillbilly woman for taking care of him while he was wounded. He's really not very selective. The violence is there partly because that's how things were in the west, but mostly so the reader's wife or significant other can be shown the violent passage to throw them off the smut trail.

The amazing thing about these "Men's Adventures" are that I see people buying towering stacks of them. There are over 400 of these things! I see them at reputable bookstores as well as used ones. It takes great effort to surpress a chuckle whenever I see a little old man buying a stack with his wife in tow.

I guess I could recommend them if you're into formulaic westerns with a heaping helping of smut or want something use for joke fodder for a few weeks after reading it. Or if you want your own reading tastes to seem more normal.