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Lepers and Mannequins - Eric Beeny The mannequins and the lepers are at war. It's too bad Quall, a leper, has fallen in love with Jaundice, a mannequin. Can their love conquer all or will they be destroyed?

Yeah, I may be risking my man card on this but my favorite bizarro stories seem to be the love stories. This one is a bizarro retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Only Romeo is a leper and Juliet is a mannequin.

Eric Beeny's writing is quite good, very good, in fact, considering this is his first novel. The story flowed very naturally and without any of those telltale first novel jitters.

Honestly, there isn't a lot more to tell. This is Capulets vs. Montagues all over again. You know, except for pieces falling off of the main characters. Well worth a couple hours reading.