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Showcase Presents: World's Finest, Vol. 1 - Edmond Hamilton, Bill Finger, Jerry Coleman, Gardner F. Fox, Curt Swan, Dick Sprang, John Fischetti, Stan Kay, Charles Paris, Ray Burnley, Sheldon Moldoff, Alvin  Schwartz Showcase presents World's Finest contains lots of Superman/Batman team ups from the 1950's. They're clearly geared toward younger readers but still good for a chuckle in a Mystery Science Theatre kind of way. It's funny how many of the stories involve both Superman and Batman lying to Lois Lane.

Halfway through: The Club of Heroes from Grant Morrison's Batman run makes an appearance. That's the most notable thing that's happened so far. Other than that, we've had Batman and Superman falling for the same woman, Batman putting the moves on Lois Lane to get her out of Superman's hair, Superman, Batman, and Robin joing a circus, Batman getting Superman's powers, Batman and Robin both getting super powers, Luthor & the Joker teaming up, and Superman, Batman, and Robin going back in time and becoming the Three Musketeers. It's funny seeing how all three characters were depicted in the 50's. It almost reminds me of the Three Stooges. "Batman, Superman, and Robin are plumbers this week. This is going to be great!"

At the End: Since the half, we've had Batman get Superman's powers again, Batwoman get Superman's powers, Superman dump Batman for Powerman, Superman get a Superboy-esque sidekick named Skyboy, an appearance of Krypton City (aka Kandor), three instances of kryptonite affecting Superman in weird ways, and a ray hitting Batman and Superman that makes them less intelligent, forcing Robin to lead the World's Finest Team.

To sum up, I'd say this is a good buy if you're interested in the lesser known eras of Superman, Batman, and Robin. Or you're looking for some laughs, although I'm betting they weren't intentional at the time.