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The Ghost Brigades (Old Man's War, #2) - John Scalzi In order to catch a traitorous military scientist, Charles Boutin, the Colonial Defense Forces transfer a recording of his consciousness into a new body. Thus, Jared Dirac is born. The transfer apparently didn't take and Dirac joins the CDF's special forces, the Ghost Brigades. When Boutin's personality begins surfacing, Jared's life takes a turn for the worse. Can Jared stop Boutin before the CDF goes to war against three alien armies?

This wasn't exactly what I was expecting from a sequel to Old Man's War but it was a damn good read. Like the first book, it was funny in places. Not only that, Ghost Brigades raises interesting philosophical questions like what it means to have a soul, nature vs. nurture, and what it means to be human. Unlike the first book, there was a lot of action.

I found Jared's innocence to be charming in the first half of the book, surprising since he was trained almost from birth to be a soldier. Sagan grew from her first appearance in Old Man's War. I even kind of understood Boutin's point of view, even though I didn't agree with it.

The writing was as good as it was in Old Man's War, just from a third person point of view instead of the first person. It had a more serious tone but still had its funny moments. I thought the plot was better in this one than in Old Man's War. I wasn't sure The Scalz could come up with a plausible threat for the Ghost Brigades but he more than did just that.

While I didn't like it quite as much as Old Man's War, I'm pretty well convinced The Scalz can do no wrong.