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The Dead Man's Brother - Roger Zelazny, Trent Zelazny Ovid Wiley comes home to find a man dead in his gallery home. The CIA swoops in just in time to save him from local law enforcement by offering him a deal: to find the former priest who stole three million dollars from the Vatican. Luckily, he knows a woman in Rome and she happens to be the ex girlfriend of the man he found murdered in his home. The deal gets him shot at in Italy, tortured by corrupt cops, and chased through the jungles of Brazil. What other perils await him on his search for The Dead Man's Brother?

Zelazny's stories usually twist and turn like a serpent and this one is no exception. Ovid Wiley is one of Zelanzy's usual protagonists; smart, capable, and deep, but far from infallible. Zelanzy's writing is as sharp as it ever was. It's a shame this book wasn't published during his lifetime.