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Lankhmar Book 8: Swords Against the Shadowland - Robin Wayne Bailey The wizard Sheelba forces Fahfrd and the Gray Mouser to return to Lankhmar after they fled the city in the wake of the deaths of their lovers at the hands of the thieves guild. It seems a horrible plague has fallen on Lankhmar and the dynamic duo are the only chance for Lanhkmar's survival. But the pair must beware, for Death himself wanders the shrouded streets of the City of a Thousand Smokes...

Let's be honest. I didn't expect this to stack up to Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar tales and was prepared to blast it. Imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be pretty damned good. Robin Wayne Bailey has captured the essence of Leiber's style and everything that was good about the earlier Lankhmar tales; the action, the intrigue, and the banter and comaradery between Fahfrd and Mouser, and the dynamic duo's penchant for drinking and wenching. The basic plot is pretty straightforward but the writing and twists make it worth reading. All in all, Swords Against the Shadowland is like a visit from an old friend that has been reincarnated. I'd recommend it to fans of the classic Leiber tales.