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The Backwoods - Edward Lee Note: I was unable to finish this book. It may have gotten better.

According to the back of the book, this is the story of a woman returning to the backwater town she grew up in for her brother-in-law's funeral and discovering something sinister. I made it to the 100 page mark before I decided to abandon it for greener pastures.

"But Dan, why did you abandon it? You've toughed out some pretty bad books!" you say.

Well, this is allegedly a horror novel and not one mildly horrifying thing happened in the first 100 pages. What I got in its place were a lot of descriptions of nipples and nipple sizes, southern dialogue that was folksy to the point of being annoying, and a lot of talk. It read more like a late night movie on Cinemax than a horror novel. The heroine leaves her husband in the city to attend to her mourning sister and suddenly becomes as horny as a toad. I didn't care a wit for any of the characters and whether or not they survived whatever it was that the back cover says is lurking in the backwoods.

I'll likely give Edward Lee another chance but I'll be a bit more selective next time.