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Felix and the Sacred Thor - James  Steele In a dystopian society where unemployment is the norm, Felix wields the Sacred Thor against the forces that threaten humanity, the sentient toasters living in the chest cavities of most college graduates. Did I mention The Sacred Thor is a "marital aid" shaped like an enormous horse penis? I didn't? You'd think I would have mentioned that first...

Where do I start? Do I mention a world where many college graduates are stress management specialists, dedicated to servicing pent up animals? Do I mention the rampant elements of satire mocking the absurdity of corporate America? No, I'll mention that Felix wields a giant horse penis that levels up as he dispatches his enemies.

Felix and the Sacred Thor is quite a tale. It's part quest story, part super hero story, but it's mostly a commentary on how ridiculous corporate America has become. 19 hour work days, being sodomized by supervisors, firings for minor offenses, are any of those thing really that hard to imagine? James Steele took his frustration with working in retail and turned the knob up to 11.

While the dry humor was the main selling point for me, Steele's writing almost made me forget Felix was waving a giant horse penis around. From grease being renamed "sustenance" in the interest of political correctness to nutrition being broadcast into people's bloodstreams, his world building was quite deep for 82 pages of story.

If there is a Bizarro crown, place it on the head of James Steele immediately. 4 out of 5 stars.

Note: You can read an interview I did with James here