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Quarry's Ex - Max Allan Collins Quarry's working with a movie director to stop the guys hired to kill him and find out who hired them. Too bad the last person Quarry expected to see again is complicating matters... his ex-wife.

The Hard Case Crime series is back and they've brought Quarry with them. Quarry is the same old methodical hitman he's been in the other Hard Case Quarry books. After reading the Perfect Crime reprints of the early Quarry books, it was nice to read one of the ones written once Max Allan Collins had a bit more seasoning. Quarry doesn't make the stupid mistakes that impared my enjoyment of the the reprints.

The plot is a pretty good one, although superficially it's a bit like Quarry's Cut. Movie man in trouble, Quarry comes in to save the day for big pile of cash. The addition of Quarry's much talked about ex-wife to the mix, while interesting, doesn't really do all that much for the story. It's like she was thrown in so the title Quarry's Ex could be used. I had a feeling I knew who was behind the hitmen gunning for Arthur Stockwell but it was still a good ending.

One thing I noticed about this one was some subtle humor. Eric Conrad is a dead ringer for Tom Cruise and I snorted when Quarry mentioned that Collateral Damage would be a good title for a move.

Any complaints? Well, for some reason I always find MAC's sex scenes a little creepy. Not sure why. Quarry's Ex is a good entry to the Hard Case Crime series. I wouldn't say it's my favorite Quarry, though.