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My Inner Bimbo (Sam Kieth's My Inner Bimbo) - Sam Kieth, Leigh Dragoon, Josh Hagler My Inner Bimbo is the story of Lo. Lo is married to a woman 17 years older than him and has a very odd relationship with his overly-developed feminie side, his inner bimbo, a pink clad blonde named Bunny. As you can tell, this is another of Sam Kieth's psychological comics.

The Mysterious Trout, a minor background charactr in Ojo, plays a more prominent role in this story. Lo has a weird friendship with a lesbian named Dana online, both of whom have seen the Mysterious Trout. Dana looks a look like Sara from the Maxx, complete with weird helmet.

While The Maxx was about coping with childhood abuse and Ojo was about coping with loss, this one's about coping with getting older and not being in love with whom you've married and/or who you've become. Also, Lo has a strange attitude toward women, probably having to do with being married to someone the same age as his mother. It's a bizarre ride, that's for sure. Just ask the Female Disapproval Sea Monster.

On a side note, Betsy, Lo's wife, is the grandmother of Annie from Ojo.