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The Widowmaker Unleashed - Mike Resnick After a century in deep freeze, the original Jefferson Nighthawk is unthawed and cured of his disease. Unforunately, he's 60 years old and slowing down and has lots of old enemies on his trail, along with up and comers wanting to make a name at his expense. Eventually, he concocts a plan to get them off his trail for good...

Widowmaker Unleashed is both the story of a man out of time and about an aging gunfighter wanting to escape his old life. It reminds me of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven with elements of Gran Turino. Old Man Nighthawk, despite being older and slower, seems like the deadliest of the three so far. The ending both makes the universe think he's dead and ensures the Nighthawk name and reputation will live on. It dovetails nicely into Gathering of Widowmakers.