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The Widowmaker - Mike Resnick I read this while waiting for the last three Dark Tower books to come out. Jefferson Nighthawk proved to be a good Gunslinger surrogate.

Jefferson Nighthawk is arguably the deadliest gunfighter in the galaxy. One day, he finds out he has an incurable disease and has himself cryogenically frozen until a cure is found, paying for it with all the money he earned bounty hunting. Unfortunately, inflation hits and Nighthawk's money starts running low. The facility he's housed in makes him a deal and creates a young Jefferson Nighthawk clone to earn money to keep him frozen. Unfortunately, the clone isn't exactly the most stable person, mostly due to the fact that while he retain's Nighthawk's skills, mentally, he's very immature.

This was the first of the original Widowmaker trilogy and pretty good, although the next two are better. Even though the clone is a jerk, you feel for him. The action is really good and by the end, you're hoping there's another jolt of inflation so they'll clone Nighthawk again, which they do...

Resnick's writing is never anything to shout about but is like a good bass player. He don't exactly notice he's there but the end result is enjoyable.