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Don't Ask (John Dortmunder Series #8) - Dortmunder and company get hired to steal the femur of St. Ferghana so that Tsergovia will get the favor of an archbishop and be admitted into the United Nations. Unfortunately, things go south, Dortmunder winds up kidnapped and Andy Kelp leads the charge to steal the bone a second time. Will Dortmunder and company ever get paid?

The Dortmunder books are like a visit with a lovable gang of losers. At first, you love them but after a while you just want them to leave you alone. That's why I rated this a three. Even though it was hilarious visiting with Dortmunder, Kelp, Murch, and Murch's Mom, the whole story felt padded, like Westlake was stretching it to a more easily sellable length. The plot was convoluted and the story was at least eighty pages too long.

On the plus side, Dortmunder and the rest of the characters were on top of their game, dialogue wise. The planning was as sound as could be for a Dortmunder operation and while I didn't care for the serpentine plot, it was very original.

While not my favorite Dortmunder by any means, still a worthwhile read for a reader with a certain sense of humor.