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Slayground (Parker, #14) - Richard Stark, Charles Ardai The armored car heist would have gone without a hitch if Parker hadn't been saddled with a second-rate driver. Now Parker's holed up in an amusement park that's shut down for the winter. Only mobsters and crooked cops are after the $73,000 Parker has from the heist and know where Parker is...

The non-standard Parkers are some of my favorites and this is one of them. We only get to see the aftermath of the heist. The rest is one long cat and mouse game involving the park's attractions between Parker and Lozini's men. Some of the tricks Parker uses seem familiar but that's probably because movies and tv have used them since the book was written. Parker is shown not to be invincible several times but that just adds to his charm.

Stark's prose is as powerful as ever. Even though I was sure Parker would get out, I found myself doubting a couple times.