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The Jugger (Parker Series #6) - Richard Stark, John Banville Parker heads to Nebraska to help out a friend in trouble, Joe Sheer, a retired safecracker (or jugger). Only when he gets to town, Sheer is dead and a crooked cop and a crook both think Parker knows where to find Joe's stash of stolen money. But does the money even exist?

The Jugger is a break from the usual Parker formula. Instead of planning a job, Parker has to get a crooked sheriff off his back and convince the interested parties that Sheer didn't have any money. Of course, Parker does it in his inimitable style. I was surprised as hell at the fate of one of the other people looking for the cash. And the end set up the next few books nicely, as did Sheer's death since he was Parker's go-between.

The Parker books are worth every crime fiction fan's time and money. Put down your Nora Roberts and go get them!