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The Man with the Getaway Face: A Parker Novel (Parker Novels) - Richard Stark Parker leaves Nebraska with a new face and a distinct lack of funds. He gets involved in a scheme to rob an armored car but there are complications. The plastic surgeon who operated on Parker winds up dead and people think Parker pulled the trigger. The armored car scheme is dodgy at best and one of the partners is planning a double cross. Can Parker figure out who the trigger man was and clear his name,pull off the armored car robbery, and avoid the double cross?

Westlake does it again. Parker is less a human being than an unstoppable force of nature. Stark's writing is as powerful as in the first book and the heist is well-planned and logical. Parker is as merciless as ever. Even though he's a killer, I was glad he came out of the double cross the way he did. The ending dovetails nicely into the next book, where I'm assuming Parker will settle things with the mob.

So why not five stars? The whole subplot with Stubbs going to New York to find Wells dragged a little. Other than that, it was a great example of what crime fiction should be. I'm eagerly watching my mailbox in anticipation of the next volume, The Outfit.