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The Hot Spot - Charles   Williams Madox is new to town when he hatches a scheme to rob the bank. At the same time, he's having an affair with his boss's wife and has the hots for the loan officer at the used car lot where he works. The robbery goes as smoothly as it can but Madox's life goes spiraling out of control in a web of sex, murder, and blackmail.

I'm going to have to track down more Charles Williams books. The writing was slick and the book had so many "Oh shit!" plot twists that I lost count. While Mrs. Harshaw was pure poison, it was easy to see how Madox wouldn't be able to resist her. Madox's internal conflict about the robbery, murders, blackmail, and feelings for Gloria was very well done. As things fell apart, the book took on a frantic pace and I couldn't put it down.

The Hot Spot is one hell of a read and my favorite crime novel to be adapted into a movie starring Don Johnson.