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Wrath of the Lemming Men - Toby Frost The Lemming men of Yull have joined forces with the Ghasts against the British Space Empire. Can Space Captain Smith, Carveth, Suruk, Rhianna, and Gerald, the ship's hamster, stop the Yull and keep the Ghasts from their goal of adding the Vorl's power to their own?

The third entry in the Space Captain Smith series is much like the previous two; a nice mix of action and wit, both dry and otherwise. The jabs at sf classics continue, mostly Star Wars, Alien, and Blade Runner this time around.

Suruk's vendetta against Vock is one of the driving forces of the plot and by far the most enjoyable one. The Smith/Rhianna subplot is getting on my nerves. While Rhianna is a good contrast to Smith's uptightness, I just don't like her. Carveth and Suruk provide 75% of the humor and overshadow Smith and Rhianna as characters.

Wrath of the Lemming Men is a good, funny, read for fans of British comedy and sf. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who hasn't read the previous two, however.