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Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy - Bradley Sands Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy is a collection of flash fiction and prose poems by Bradley Sands.

Life is full of oddities. For instance, I like hot tea but hate iced tea. I like cooked cauliflower but dislike raw cauliflower. And I hate short stories but it turns out that I enjoy flash fiction quite a bit.

Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy, along with having one of my favorite titles of all time, was a great read. All of the stories are delightfully strange and the perfect length for what they are. A man shows up at an orgy wearing a bear costume. A detective is hired to find a man's remote. Mount Holyoke prepares to hike Bradley Sands. Tao Lin acquires the ability to turn his eyebrows into gold after drinking an ape smoothie.

There are a lot more gems than duds in this one. Where else will you find a short story called Cormac McCarthy that consists of two sentences, one of which is a page and a half long? Or a book reading an author? Or the Pope getting sued?

If you're in the mood for 52 tasty morsels of absurdity, this is the book for you.