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Deadly Beloved (Hard Case Crime #38) - Max Allan Collins A wealthy accountant's wife murdered her husband and the prostitute he was in bed with at the time. But is there more to it than that? That's what Ms. Tree has to find out. Will her trail lead to her death, just as it did her husband the night before their honeymoon?

Deadly Beloved is definitely one of those middle of the road Hard Cases that I read as part of my road to read them all but not one I would soon read again. It's not a bad book. Ms. Tree (Mystery. Get it?) is a good character with understandable motivation. The way the cut and dry case of Marcy Addwatter killing her husband fit into a larger conspiracy was well done.

So what's the problem? I didn't buy the way things came together in the end. It felt like 30 or so pages were left out. Ms. Tree takes some big jumps and the ending came out of left field.

2.5 out of 5. Definitely not a 3.