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The Maxx, Volume 2 - Sam Kieth, William Messner-Loebs In the second collected Maxx volume, Maxx and Julie venture across the Outback and meet Pitt, another Hulk inspired character from the 90's. Meanwhile, in the real world, Julie is locked in the bathroom while Pitt and Maxx, both at four inches tall, fight an Isz in her apartment. After that, things get weird as Sarah James, a minor character in the last volume, finds out her true parentage and goes searching for her spirit animal...

The second volume of The Maxx is where things really get going, both in terms of weirdness and the overall plot. It is in this volume that you reallize that the central character of the title isn't The Maxx at all, but Julie Winters. I don't think a series titled The Julie would sell as well...

Sarah James's role in the series greatly increases in this volume, partly due to fan support. She was the mouthpiece of weird awkward teens everywhere. Has it really been 16 years since this came out?

Anyway, things really take off in this volume. Sam Kieth seems more confident and relaxed in his style and the weirdness factor is dialed up to eleven. Not to be missed if you liked the first volume.