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Animal Man, Vol. 1 - Grant Morrison, Chas Truog, Doug Hazlewood, Tom Grummett Buddy Baker, aka Animal, is a semi-retired super hero and movie stuntman. One day, he decides to return to super hero-ing full time. How will his wife and kids deal with that?

Animal Man isn't one of Grant Morrison's weirder or well-known runs on a title but it's probably the most enjoyable to read. It's a fun book. Buddy struggles with people mistaking him for other super heroes and laments the quality of the super villains he fights. His son thinks his powers are lame. While Buddy is a super hero, his wife is clearly in charge. She asks him why he didn't ask Superman home for dinner. Funny stuff. I think my favorite part of the book is when The Mirror Master invades the Baker home and Ellen kicks him in the balls.

I recommend Animal Man to fans of fun super hero comics, like Madman and early Spider-Man.