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X-O Manowar: Birth - Joe Quesada,  Barry Windsor-Smith,  Jim Shooter,  Bob Layton The Valiant comics were something I enjoyed back in the day. They were the smartest superhero books on the racks and today's comics owe a lot to them.

X-O Manowar is a different take on the armored superhero archetype pioneered by Iron Man and was created by the artist responsible for the Demon in the Bottle storyline where Iron Man was revealed to be an alcoholic. Bob Layton said the series was born out of his frustration with running into walls every time he wanted to do something a little different with Iron Man.

This armored avenger is Aric the Visigoth, a warrior from the past who was abducted by the Spider Aliens, the alien race the frequently appeared in the early Valiant comics. He stole a suit of their organic armor, escaped captivity, and became a superhero of sorts.

I'd say the best part of this series was Aric the barbarian struggling to fit into the modern world. That an and armored guy fighting spidery aliens.