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Pure Dynamite - Tom Billington, Alison Coleman I have a confession to make. I was big into pro-wrestling back in the day. And by back in the day, I mean 1982-2003. In the course of those years, I probably read 20 books about wrestlers. This one is in the top two.

Pure Dynamite is the story of the Dynamite Kid, best known as one half of the British Bulldogs. The Kid, aka Tom Billington, tells the story of his career, beginning from his training at Wiggan, England as an undersized youth of 16, to Calgary with the Harts, to New Japan and his legendary battles with the original Tiger Mask, to the WWF and beyond.

The thing that really grabs you is Billington's frankness about doing drugs, both steroids and recreational, and his low opinion of many wrestlers. You don't get that from the bios the WWE churns out. Billington is also frank about where his style and drug abuse got him; penniless and in a wheelchair.

It's a gripping read but not for anyone who wants to continue watching wrestling through rose colored glasses. The things these guys do to entertain us takes a gruesome toll on them in the long run.