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Bumper Crop - Joe R. Lansdale For my money, Joe R. Lansdale's short story collections are always worth a read. This one is no different. Instead of attempting to remember and review all of the stories, I'll just talk about my favorite one, Bestsellers Guaranteed.

Bestsellers Guaranteed is the story of an aspiring writer who just can't catch a break. One day, he sees an ad in the paper for an agency called Bestsellers Guaranteed. In return for guaranteed slots on the bestsellers chart (whether he writes the book himself or the agency has someone write it for him), he'll be required to kill someone...

In the foreword to the story, Lansdale said the story came out of his frustration with trying to make a living writing. It shows. Hell, I wonder all the time how some books show up on the bestseller's list. Once the writer finds out he's going to have to kill someone, you feel his sense of dread.

This is my second favorite Lansdale collection, right after High Cotton. If you can only buy one, get that one. If you can get two, you have to jump on this one.