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Jimmy The Kid  - Donald E Westlake Andy Kelp gets the bright idea of using a plan from a Richard Stark novel to pull off the kidnapping of a rich kid and hold him for ransom. Dortmunder eventually caves and decides to go along with the plan, only to quickly realize he shouldn't have. The kid they choose ends up being a precocious little bastard and things start going wrong. Not everything works like it does in the books...

The best way I can summarize this one is to say Hilarious. Dortmunder is still the loveable loser introduced in the Hot Rock. I really wanted him to get away with the money this time. The plot device of using a Richard Stark novel was great. The chapters of the fictitious Parker novel, Child Heist, show how versatile Westlake was a writer. It's a shame Child Heist doesn't exist as a standalone novel. The characters were great, as usual. Marsh and his mother continue to be my favorites of the supporting cast. James Harrington was a brat but his intelligence was well done. I still wouldn't mind throttling him myself.

Once again, I'd recommend Donald Westlake to fans of Christopher Moore, as well as fans of capers. I have to think Westlake is an influence on Moore.