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Rotten Little Animals - Kevin Shamel When a human boy named Cage stumbles across a group of talking animals filming a movie, he uncovers a vast conspiracy, a conspiracy that he cannot be allowed to reveal... until the animals decide to make a fictomentary about his kidnapping. Will Cage ever escape and return to normal life?

Rotten Little Animals is my first foray into the 2009-2010 New Bizarro Author series and I was fairly pleased with it. The core concept, that animals are secretly intelligent and can talk, reminded me of Anonymous Rex a bit. Stinkin' Rat and Dirty Bird were by far my favorite animal characters. Cage was okay, a fairly standard teenage boy character. I cackled with glee when Cage and his father massacred the audience at the Animal Academy Awards with shotguns and 9 millimeters.

So why did I only give Rotten Little Animals a three? While I liked it, it felt like it went a little long, like it should have been over around page 60. The retaliation that came after could have easily been another book, though Cage's tutelage under Aargh was hilarious.

All in all, Rotten Little Animals was a satisfying bizarro experience. 3.25 out of 5.