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Shark Hunting in Paradise Garden - Cameron Pierce A group of priests from the Dawn of Yahweh sect goes back in time to hunt sharks in paradise garden with Adam and Eve, only to have their ship crash, killing most of the people on board. Exploring a hostile landscape populated by flying sharks, jellyfish whiskey addicted robots, and wheeled wild boars, can Ernest and the rest of the survivors find Adam and Eve and find their way back home?

Maybe it's a lifetime of being interested in weird things but some bizarro books don't seem all that weird to me, like I've been desensitized. Shark Hunting in Paradise Garden managed to tear free the calluses from the weirdness sensors in my brain and poke at them for 120 pages.

This is one crazy book. From Ernest's abilities to change into a frogman and turn living things into mannequins to a bible with razor sharp pages to a man who's a wizard's head with legs, it starts out weird and the weirdness level climbs until the karate fight between the Tree of Knowledge and the giant shark son of God. Just when you think it can't get any stranger, it does. By the end, I completely stopped trying to predict what was going to happen.

With the amount of weird things going on, it would have been easy to lose track of the plot by Pierce never does. The weirdness moves the story along rather than obscuring or confusing it. While it may be fifteen varieties of bizarre, it still makes sense.

If you're looking for a mind-blowing bizarro tale, this is it. Go get it!