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Sex and Death in Television Town - Carlton Mellick III The remaining citizens of Jackson flee their dying town with the survivors of a gang of gunslinging hermaphodites, a female samurai with stegosaurus spikes and fins, and a gunslinger named Jesus Christ to escape a plague. This ragtag group boards a living train resembling a caterpillar and makes for the town of Telos. But what will they find there besides more death?

Back in the day, shortly after the first fish was brave enough to leave the sea behind for dry land, I read Christopher Moore's Lamb and Amazon immediately started giving me recommendations for Carlton Mellick III's books. Here we are, several eons later, and I finally gave him a shot.

When a story starts with a woman masturbating using a living millipede dildo, you know you're in for a wild ride and Sex and Death in Television Town is wild, that's for sure. There's a ton of gore and even more strangeness.

Cry (aka Sex of the title) is by far the most interesting character in the book. Every time she has an orgasm, she gets a glimpse into the future. Since she seems to have orgasms quite a bit, she pretty much dictates where the group goes. The others were a mixed bag. I didn't care for Random, the most ordinary member of the group. Beyond being hermaphrodites, I didn't find the three hermaphrodites in the group very interesting, although Oxy's fate in Telos was good. Jesus Christ was the best gunslinger in the group but didn't do much else.

I'd say the strangest parts of the book happened once the gang got to Telos. The shifting landscape and the color factory were weird but the weirdest part was that the citizens of Telos had televisions for heads and communicated by changing channels.

Any complaints? Aside from it being too short, I think the millipede dildo in the opening sentence desensitized me a bit. A furry gun and a living train don't seem so strange after that.

If you're looking for a weird western, they don't get much weirder than this.