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The Black Ice Score (Parker, #11) - Richard Stark, Dennis Lehane Nationals from a tiny African country want Parker to plan a heist for them in an effort to steal back a fortune in diamonds. Parker has misgivings but Claire urges him to take the job. Parker plans the heist and things go smoothly until mistakes the Africans made before contacting Parker come back to bite them all in the ass...

Reading one of Parker's exploits is like visiting an old friend. Parker is himself in this one, although maybe Claire's making him a little soft. The heist was well-planned, as usual. Parker's quip that no one is an expert on people rings true, especially when things start falling apart. With two parties after the diamonds, as well as Hoskins, the plot has a lot of twists and turns. Parker goes about his business as only he can.

Any gripes? Besides Claire softening Parker a bit, The Black Ice Score is pretty short, an easy three hour read. Other than that, it's the same Parker we all know and love.