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The Godwulf Manuscript - Robert B. Parker The Godwulf Manuscript has gone missing from the university and Spenser's been hired to find it. But what does the stolen and ransomed manuscript have to do with the murder of a dope dealer, seemingly by his girlfriend? And can Spenser figure out what is going on before being murdered himself?

This is the first Spenser book and quite a good read. While the story is called the Godwulf Manuscript, the aforementioned manuscript doesn't actually get that much action and is phased out pretty early. The real meat of the story is the killing of Dennis Powell, a heroin dealer. Spenser takes a beating and comes out on top in the end.

Spenser himself is an interesting character, a former cop fired for insubordination. Spenser likes to crack wise at every turn,, which is probably why he was drummed out of the force. I know I wanted to pistol whip him a couple times. He's also quite the lady's man. *** Minor spoiler alert *** How many other books have you read where the hero has sex with the main girl and her mother just hours apart?

For fans of crime and mystery, you could do a lot worse. This is where it all starts and it just gets better from here, from what I understand.