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Fake I.D. (Hard Case Crime (Mass Market Paperback)) - Jason Starr Tommy Russo, an out of work actor with a gambling problem working as a bouncer in a bar, gets a chance to be part owner of a race horse. Only, he doesn't have the ten thousand dollars he needs to buy in. What depths will he sink to to get it?

While the story entertained me, I hated Tommy and couldn't wait for him to get what was coming to. He's a slimeball. Lying, stealing, lying, etc. I actually felt dirty reading the story. Finding a protagonist that you actually like in a Jason Starr book is like trying to decide which shit sandwich you want to eat from a buffet of shit sandwiches. "Well, that one hasn't got so much shit on it..."

I guess to sum it up would be to say that while the story is full of twists and turns and well written, don't expect to get attached to the protagonist. I think I'm done with Starr's asshole slimeball characters for a while.

It's been about a year and a half since I read this and I've decided to give Starr another chance IF I win the Firstreads giveaway for his new one.