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All That the Rain Promises and More: A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms - David Arora All That the Rain Promises, and More is a great guide for Mushroom hunters in the western half of the US and is both informative and hilarious. Each mushroom picture is accompanied by a description and a list of key features (including edibility). There are sidebar topics including recipes and a people's tales of epic mushroom hunts. The pictures of mushroom hunters are fairly funny. It seems like each one features a big beard, big hair, or both.

The humor is a big selling point for me. I laughed at descriptions of several mushrooms and smiled wide when one of the mushrooms was described as "probably edible."

My gripes are fairly minor. Some of the pictures could be clearer considering how much some poison mushrooms look like a more benign or edible variety. The book's western focus is a little vexing but that's not really the book's fault.