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Doom Patrol, Vol. 3: Down Paradise Way - Grant Morrison, Richard Case, Kelley Jones, Mark McKenna, John Nyberg, Kim DeMulder The Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E., a sort of normalcy police, are guided by the most normal man in the world on a quest to destroy Danny the Street, a travelling sentient piece of road who is also a transvestite. Can the Doom Patrol stop them? Where does Flex Mentallo fit into things and where has he been since 1958? And in the second half, Rhea finally wakes from her coma and the Doom Patrol goes to another world to end a war between two alien races. Robotman gets ripped in half and ends up with a spidery lower half. Can the Doom Patrol get the job done and get back home?

In my review for volume two, I said the weirdness knob must have broken off and rolled under the fridge. Well, the broken stem of the knob must still be able to be turned because volume three is even stranger. Rebis has more lines in this one and actually provides a lot of the humor. Robotman continues to feel out of his comfort zone where the weirdness is concerned and provides a little normalcy. Comparatively speaking, of course.