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The Common Fossils of Missouri - A.G. Unklesbay Lean closer. I have a secret to tell. Here goes: I have been interested in fossils for over twenty-five years. It goes back to an episode of Reading Rainbow I watched when I was six and I was hooked. I immediately announced to my mom that I was going out into the backyard to dig up dinosaurs. I didn't find the Triceratops I was hankering for but I maintained a sporadic interest in fossils until my parents built their new house on a creekbank and my interest flamed back to life.

The Common Fossils of Missouri details fossils common to Missiouri and where to find them. Since all I seem to find are snail shells and leaf imprints, the new locales will provide a little variety to my paleological adventures, as well as possibly leading toward brushes with the law when I get caught trespassing. The illustrations and black and white photographs will prove invaluable in identifying just what it is I'm finding in creekbeds and weathered hillsides. I can't wait until the weather gets warm to go unearthing the Triceratops of my dreams.