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Fifty-to-One (Hard Case Crime #50) - Charles Ardai Tricia Heverstadt comes to the Big Apple all the way from South Dakota with very little money to make it big, just like her sister Coral. When she gets there, Coral turns her out and Tricia gets bilked out of all her money. Out of desperation, she takes two jobs, one as a dancer at a nightclub owned by a gangster, and another working for Hard Case Crime Books. She writes a crime novel but a lot of people seem to think it's a true story because the plot mirrors a heist that was pulled on Uncle Nick, the gangster she works for. South Dakota doesn't look so bad now, does it, Tricia?

Fifty-To-One is a lot of fun. Each chapter is named after one of the first fifty Hard Case books. Charley Borden, the Hard Case owner in the tale, is delightfully sleazy. Lawrence Block and Donald Westlake are characters in the story. Tricia goes from one predicament to another, all the while looking for the money everyone thinks she has.

I guessed who stole the money about halfway through but it was a wild guess on my part. Still, the ending made smile and hungry for more Hard Case.