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And Another Thing... (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) - Eoin Colfer Arthur, Random, Trillian, and Ford are rescued from the unrealities the Hitchhiker's Guide Mark II placed them in and then rescued by Zaphod Beeblebrox as the earth is getting destroyed yet again. The reunited crew is then saved from certain death by an immortal dedicated to insulting every sentient being in the galaxy. Things go pear-shaped when Arthur learns of a colony of earthlings on a planet near Magrathea and the Vogon Constructor Fleet bent on finishing what they started. Not a terribly unusual day for Arthur Dent...

Eoin Colfer raped my childhood! Just kidding. After buying this book, I have to admit I suffered from a bit of buyer's remorse. It sat unread on my bookshelf for almost a year. I even thought about getting rid of it unread. What if Colfer introduced a Jar Jar Binks and forever tainted my beloved Hitchhiker's Guide? After a reference to Doctor Who's special effects and an appearance by Cthulhu, I was convinced I made the right choice by reading it.

And Another Thing brings the old gang back together in Hitchhiker style. While it's not as good as some of Douglas Adams's works, it's better than the last one. Colfer does a good job capturing the Hitchhiker feel. The relationships between Trillian and Wowbagger, Arthur and Random, and Zaphod and Ford rang true. There were some hilarious bits of dialogue and the plot seemed like something Adams himself would have done.

So why only a three? First, the story felt unnecessary and Colfer had the unenviable task of bringing the characters back after the events of the last boook. Second, it just wasn't that great. The footnotes weren't as funny as Adams' and felt a little forced. Arthur probably could have been left out completely. Colfer just isn't Douglas Adams, although he gave it a good shot.

I'm not exactly recommending this to Hitchhiker fans but I wouldn't say it sucked either. For what it was, it was the best we could reasonably expect.