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The Last Patriot  - Brad Thor After saving a man from a car bomb outside of a Paris cafe, Scot Harvath gets pulled back into the web of political intrigue. Scholars have uncovered the fabled last revelation of Mohammed, a revelation so shocking that it will shake radical Islam to its core. Can Harvath protect the scholars involved when a former CIA assassin turned Islam convert is gunning for them?

The Last Patriot was a lot better than the other Brad Thor book I got for my birthday. The tying of Thomas Jefferson, Barbary pirates, a 12th century Arabian inventor, a first edition Don Quixote, and terrorist cells was nicely done. Harvath didn't seem like such a prick and the action was even better, as was the writing, although the two and three page chapters still irked me. I wanted to give it more than a three but several things kept biting at me...

... and here they are. Brad Thor's extreme political views are just as prominent in this book as the last one and his anti-Muslim sentiments are even stronger. I think if he could get away with calling the book "All Muslims Are Bad," he would. It's no wonder The Last Patriot was banned in the Middle East. The thing that really scares me is that some people could read Thor's character's views and begin to agree with them.

On a less serious note, the gun descriptions were way over done. When Harvath goes into his basement, there are over three pages of what kinds of guns and devices he has on the walls. Every time someone uses a weapon or drives a car, we get the make and model.

So, in conclusion, The Last Patriot was a good thriller and way better than The First Commandment but not really my cup of tea.