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The Compleat Traveller in Black (Collier Nucleus SF) - John Brunner "As you wish. So be it." The traveller in black utters these words countless times on his journeys.

The Traveller in Black is the agent of the One Who, a man with many names but one nature, tasked with making order from chaos, primarily by granting people's wishes in a literal sense. He gives a god to a nation without one; he unites a girl with her lost love by making her join him as a slave.

The writing is definitely denser than I thought it would be, reminding me of Gene Wolfe at times and Michael Moorcock at others. The book is divided into five shorter selections, each from the traveller's wanderings in a different era. Some of them read almost like parables.

To sum up, I highly recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy with a philosophical bend.