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Cocktail Time - P.G. Wodehouse It all started when Uncle Fred pegged Beefy Bastable with a Brazil nut. Beefy, a prominent barrister with political aspirations, writes a scathing novel about the youth of today after Uncle Fred tells him he can't. Once completed, Beefy realizes that a man in his position can't be responsible for such a thing and convinces his shiftless nephew, Cosmo Wisdom, to take credit for it. Enter Oily Carlisle and his wife, who convince Cosmo that blackmail is the best course of action. Cosmo writes a letter that becomes the source of all sorts of trouble. Throw in the usual Wodehouse plot elements like impersonation, unrequited love, people short on money, and Uncle Fred weaving a tapestry of lies and you have a hilarious tale on your hands.

It never ceases to amaze me how Wodehouse manages to weave his tales together. You always know everything is going to work out in the end but getting there is never dull. The one-liners are fantastic and while Uncle Fred is a god among men, you are left feeling glad his wife doesn't let him go out in public very often.