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Behold the Man - Michael Moorcock Karl Glogauer, lonely misunderstood misfit, reaches the end of his rope and volunteers to man an experimental time machine for a friend. Glogauer goes to A.D. 28 to witness the crucifixion of Jesus. Only, nothing is quite the way he remembers it from the Bible. John the Baptist is a revolutionary, Mary and Joseph's marriage isn't the way it should be, and as for Jesus...

While most people know Michael Moorcock from the Elric stories, for my money, the best Moorcock stories are the ones only tangently related to the Eternal champion saga. Gloriana is one, Dancers at the End of Time is another, and Behold the Man is a third.

Behold the Man tells two stories. One of Karl Glogauer's adventure in the Middle East nearly two thousand years ago, and the other is Glogauer's life from when his parents split when he was five. Moorcock guides us through the events in Glogauer's life that lead to him traveling back in time. The other thread shows Glogauer's travels and raises questions about identity and destiny. While the big plot twist is fairly predictable, it's power is undiminished.

Behold the Man is a very memorable story and worth a read, although the particularly religious minded should read with caution.