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The Rare Coin Score: A Parker Novel - Richard Stark Parker gets involved in a caper to rob a coin convention. Complicating matters are an attractive young woman and Billy Lebatard, the man who came up with the operation that happens to have a crush on her. Can Parker pull of the heist without the situation unravelling?

The Rare Coin Score was one of the best Parker stories I've read yet. Throwing Claire into the mix gave it a little something extra that set it apart from some of the other stories. Parker with a woman in tow? It sets up plenty of future complications for our amoral anti-hero.

As always, Stark came up with plausible ways to pull off the heist without a lot of suspension of disbelief, a hallmark of the Parker stories. Since most of Parker's heists get botched somehow, that part wasn't the surprise. The joy was in finiding out what happened and how Parker handled it, as it always is.

You can't go wrong with Richard Stark's Parker. Go get reading!