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Dead Street (Hard Case Crime #37) - Mickey Spillane, Max Allan Collins Retired NYPD cop Jack Stang finds out his lost love, presumed dead 20 years or more, is still alive, blind, and has amnesia. But what does she have to do with stolen nuclear material?

Well, I have mixed feelings on this one. I wanted to love it, since this was Mickey Spillane's swan song and because of his status as one of the founding fathers of the genre. But I didn't. The plot seemed like something out of the seventies or eighties and I found the whole Bettie angle implausible.

That's not to say I didn't like it. I liked the way Spillane wrote Stang, even if it did seem dated. Also, are all the Spillane stories this gore-strewn? Holy crap! I sure didn't expect head explosions.

While this wasn't my favorite Hard Case, it wasn't a waste of time either. It was worth plunking down my money to see one of the legends in action one last time.