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The Wizard of Oz Code - Mich Hancock, Rob Jansen The Wizard of Oz Code is a piece of inspirational writing about life lessons encoded in the movie The Wizard of Oz and how to apply those lessons to your own life. No, it's not about the weird synch-ups between Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's Darkside of the Moon.

"But Dan," you ask, "you normally read crime and sf/fantasy. How on earth did this book wind up on your list?" I'll tell you, Arnold. Mich Hancock frequents the same used bookstore I go to, Books Galore, and the owner told her I review books all the time here on Goodreads. I told her I'd give it a read and help her get the word out.

Now I'm not normally into this sort of book but Mich's writing was engaging and sucked me in. If she wasn't such a good writer, I'd probably have trouble taking the subject matter seriously. While I'm not completely on board with some of her ideas regarding the symbolism embedded in The Wizard of Oz, it's obvious she didn't just crank this out in an afternoon. Her conclusions are well thought-out and the wisdom she doles out is logical and helpful.

While I'm not completely sold on some of the concepts, I liked the way she deconstructed the Wizard of Oz and assigned aspects of the self to the characters and places, like the Cowardly Lion representing your emotional side, the Wicked Witch of the West as your rampaging ego, and Toto your inner voice. Like I said, interesting ideas to ponder.

The parts of the Wizard of Oz Code that were the most powerful and the ones that sold me on the book were the examples from her own life, dealing with her adopted son, abandoning her wig after years of wearing it, etc. Without that personal touch, I don't think the book would have held my interest.

If you're looking for some guidance or another reason to watch the Wizard of Oz, give the Wizard of Oz Code a try. You might learn a few things about yourself.