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Kiss Her Goodbye (Hard Case Crime #8) - Allan Guthrie Joe Hope is the muscle for an Edinburgh loan shark. When his daughter dies, an apparent suicide, he's heartbroken and wants revenge for whomever is responsible. He flies up to Orkney, only to find himself wanted by the police. A passage in Gemma's journal seems to indicate Joe raped her and to top it off, Joe's wife Ruth's body was found in the trunk of his car at the airport. Joe spends the rest of the novel running from the cops while trying to figure out what the hell is going on and get revenge.

The writing in Kiss Her Goodbye is good but kind of exhausting to read, because of the stark violence and all the swearing. It reminds me a lot of a Guy Ritchie movie. In fact, Vinnie Jones should play Joe if they ever turn it into a movie.

To sum it up, it's another quality entry in the Hard Case line. If you like Hard Case, you'll like this.