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Fool - Christopher Moore Nothing like a good Moore-gasm to end the evening.

Fool is a comic retelling of King Lear from the fool's point of view. Pocket, the fool, is lechererous, duplicitous, and all round magnificent. He engineers the downfall of Lear's kingdom by pitting the king's daughters against each other, along with other nobles and their bastards.

There are references to Shakespeare, as well as a vanished race called the Mericans, ruled by the mad King George. For me, the biggest laughs came from the faux English place names, like Dog Snogging. There were a few laugh out loud moments, which was embarassing for me since I was allegedly working at the time I was reading it. "Sounds like a moose trying to shit a family of hedgehogs." See? Hard not to laugh at that, isn't it?

I'd rate fool in between Fluke and A Dirty Job in terms of hilarity, with the caveat that you'll probably enjoy it more if you're familiar with Shakespeare's plays.