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Full Moon - P.G. Wodehouse You know, I never get tired of the old Wodehouse formula. His hilarious writing makes you forget you've read nearly the same story a few times before.

Full Moon is a tale of Blandings Castle and has the usual suspects. You have the Ninth Earl, Lord Emsworth, his smooth talking brother Galahad Threepwood, the overbearing aunt, Hermione this time, unrequited love, and a pignapping. Still, it's as crisp as ever.

Lord Emsworth isn't on stage as often as I'd like but he makes it count when he is. Uncle Galahad is as slippery a character as always. Bill Lister and Tippy Plimsol both do their parts as the would be suitors. Plimsol has been told to quit drinking or he'd likely start having hallucinations. Enter Bill Lister, a large man with the unfortunate resemblance to a gorilla. Hilarity ensues.

If you've read Wodehouse before, you'll belly up to the bar for this one for sure. It's a winner. If you haven't read any Wodehouse yet, rectify this problem immediately!